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Ohio: Toledo Community Foundation


The Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative includes more than 115 community foundations in 48 states working to educate the public about how we’re improving communities.

We help lawmakers understand the vital role that community foundations play in their communities, whether they represent a big city, small town, or rural area.

We also work with the media to help them gain information about community foundations as they cover topics such as philanthropy, tax policy, and social change.

Our goal: to ensure community foundations continue to transform lives for decades to come.


Hawaii: Hawaii Community Foundation

North Carolina: Foundation for the Carolinas

Massachusetts: The Boston Foundation


Key Issues


Opportunity zones

December 2018

The federal Opportunity Zone tax incentive program is designed to spur economic development and job creation in underserved communities across the United States by providing significant tax benefits to investors.

A new white paper by the Community Foundation Public Awareness Initiative explores the vital role community foundations can play in leveraging opportunity zones as a tool in their communities.

donor-advised funds

March 2018

Donor-advised funds are vitally important for community foundations, our donors, and nonprofits in every corner of the country.

Read our recent letter to the Treasury Department outlining recommendations for ensuring that donor-advised funds continue to allow donors to achieve their philanthropic goals and continue to make a difference in their communities. 


tax reform

October 2017

The recent federal tax reform bill includes a number of important provisions that affect nonprofits and foundations.

Read our memo from 2017 that outlined the key priorities for community foundations in the tax reform package.